I have a sound system in my car. It’s nothing special: a 12-inch Sony Xplode with a 400 Watt amp. Just a subwoofer, no after market tweeters or door speakers. It was cheap, something we bought from a friend.

Because my primary Ben has experience with systems, we installed it ourselves. It’s a very intimate way to know your car. We had to troubleshoot problems ourselves (well, you know, with Google), find the right connections, and put the car back together. Also, because of Ben’s skillz, the system sounds clean. We didn’t push the sub to its loudest (in fact, mine is turned down a good bit); we made it so the bass is clear for as high a range as the amp will manage.

I don’t have a lot of money to spend on myself, so why would I spend it on a sound system for my car?  There are some genres (rap, hip hop, rock) that just don’t sound right without hearing the bass on a subwoofer. It adds to the music because you’re hearing it the way its meant to be heard. The sound is full. And you can feel bass; it reverberates in your bones and tickles your chest. It makes the car and the air dance with it. It’s a sensory experience. And I love it.

I’m 26 years old, so I’m sure I get some strange looks as I’m going down the road with my car vibrating to the beat of rap music. Oh well. I like it! : )