I have a one-hour commute to work, and I like to listen to music. I get tired of the radio because with the DJs, commercials, and silly games, there’s not much music involved, so I like to make CDs. Because of my alternative lifestyle, mainstream music often doesn’t fit my world very well. Most music is heterosexual and monogamous, and I get tired of listening to the same ideas over and over, so I’ve made me an alternative CD that encompasses bisexual songs, BDSM songs, and polyamory songs as well songs about being different or songs about being yourself.

I spent most of my life listening to country music, so there’s a lot of music I missed growing up and some of these songs are probably old for that reason. This CD has every genre from Christian to rap to pop to country.

Song title Song Artist Music Genre Alt. lifestyle type Favorite lyrics
“Beautiful” Christina Aguilera Pop Song about being different I am beautiful no matter what they say/Words can’t bring me down
Older song, but new to me. It’s a song about being yourself and knowing your own beauty in spite of what you hear from outside sources.
“Lullaby” Nickelback Rock Song about reaching out If you can hear me now I’m reaching out/ To let you know that you’re not alone
This is basically a song about trying to keep someone from committing suicide, but it’s also just a song about being kind to strangers, reaching out during another’s pain and trying to help. I can relate to it a lot.
“Who You Are” Jessie J Pop Song about being yourself It’s okay not to be okay/Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart/Tears don’t mean you’re losing/Everybody’s bruising/Just be true to who you are
“Affirmation” Savage Garden Pop Polyamory song I believe you can’t control or choose your sexuality/I believe that trust is more important than monogamy
Oldie, but I like it. It’s not overly polyamorous, but it’s one of the few that has a polyamorous tone. I can’t find any information about the musician being nonmonogamous in a Google search.
“Love the Way You Lie Part II” Rihanna and Eminem Rap BDSM song but we know that no matter how many knives we put in each other’s backs/that we’ll have each other’s backs, ’cause we’re that lucky/

together, we move mountains, let’s not make mountains out of molehills

I love the “Love the Way You Lie” songs. No idea why. They don’t really match my life at all, but I love their energy and passion. They’re about a different, pretty violent relationship (one that I would run from because I don’t take violence lightly), but I can appreciate the passion of it, and the otherness. What works for me may not work for others, and if this song matches your life, then owning it is good.
“I Will Not Bow” Breaking Benjamin Rock Song about being yourself I will not fall/I will not fade/I will take your breath away/And I’ll survive, paranoid/I have lost the will to change
Angry song. Sometimes necessary in life. I don’t necessary agree with all of the lyrics, but I like it anyway.
“We R Who We R” Ke$ha Pop Song about being yourself And no, you don’t wanna mess with us/Got Jesus on my necklace
This is a silly song really. About clubs and partying and things I don’t really do, but I love Ke$ha, and I love that she gives no excuses for who she is.
“Come to My Window” Melissa Etheridge Pop Gender neutral love song I don’t care what they think/I don’t care what they say/What do they know about this love anyway
This is just a regular love song, but I love that it doesn’t ever mention a gender. It could be about a girl or a boy. Etheridge herself is a gay and lesbian activist.
“In or Out” Ani DiFranco Pop Bisexual song Some days the line I walk/turns out to be straight/other days the line tends to/deviate/I’ve got no criteria for sex or race/I just want to hear your voice/

I just want to see your face

DiFranco is bisexual and she captures what it means to be bisexual in this song very well—everything from the biphobia even in the LGBT community to loving a person and not sexual organs.
“Galileo” Indigo Girls Pop Um? See explanation below But then again it feels like some sort of inspiration/To let the next life off the hook/But she’ll say “look what I had to overcome from my last life/I think I’ll write a book”/How long till my soul gets it right/Can any human being ever reach the highest light
This is basically a song about reincarnation. As a Christian, I don’t believe in reincarnation, so I have no idea why I like it so much. I think it has to do with how it talks about souls. I feel “getting it right” is something my soul tries to do, and this song just reminds me of the struggle and the reward for trying. Plus it’s nice to be reminded to think of others. In this case, it’s thinking of the past lives, but I take it to remind to think of other people’s struggles and being mindful of my reaction to how others treat me.
“Ours” Taylor Swift Country Song about being yourself People throw rocks at things that shine/And life makes love look hard
I like Taylor Swift. So sue me. And those lyrics are something I can definitely relate to. The rest of the song is a bit more mono than I’d like, but I still like the overall meaning of it.
“White Houses” Vanessa Carlton Pop Polyamory song (just to me though) We were all in love and we all got hurt
This song makes me think of high school and my first almost-triad. I’m not sure why. It talks about her five friends, and I guess I just go poly with it in my head. But I like her voice and I like the tone of the song, so it’s just one of those songs that work for me. The song was banned on MTV because some of the lyrics talk about her losing her virginity. Carlton is very open and honest about sex, so I guess maybe that’s what I picked up on in the song.
“Control” Puddle of Mudd Rock BDSM song
I like this song more for the tone than the lyrics. The lyrics aren’t really how I think, but it’s a good angry song, and of course has BDSM undertones.
“Not Afraid” Eminem Rap Song about being yourself I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid)/To take a stand (to take a stand)/Everybody (everybody)/Come take my hand (come take my hand)/We’ll walk this road together, through the storm/

Whatever weather, cold or warm/

Just letting you know that, you’re not alone/Holla if you feel like you’ve been down the same road (same road)

I love this entire song. It’s also an angry and passionate song—as is usual for Eminem. While he’s a bit more in-your-face than I am, I still love his attitude. He’s not sorry for who he is. This song gives me chills sometimes.
“It’s Your Life” Francesca Battistelli Christian Song about being yourself It’s your life/What you gonna do?/The world is watching you/Every day the choices you make/Say what you are and who/Your heart beats for
While a Christian song, it’s not a worship song. It’s a song that means a lot of different things. It speaks to me on many levels from loving God to loving myself.
“Born This Way” Lady Gaga Pop LGBT song No matter gay, straight, or bi,/Lesbian, transgendered life,/I’m on the right track baby,/I was born to survive.


I was born to be brave.

Gotta love Lady Gaga. She’s taken this song and made the Born This Way Foundation to help the LGBT community. She’s my age. This song is pretty empowering, and I thank Lady Gaga for writing it.
“Firework” Katy Perry Pop Song about being different Do you ever feel already buried deep?/six feet under screams but no one/seems to hear a thing/Do you know that there’s still a chance for you/’Cause there’s a spark in you/You just gotta ignite the light, and let it shine/Just own the night like the 4th of July/’Cause baby you’re a firework
Kinda like Christina’s “Beautiful.” This song is a good way to remind you to value yourself and also other people.
“Who Says” Selena Gomez & The Scene Pop Song about being yourself Who says, who says you’re not perfect?/Who says you’re not worth it?/Who says you’re the only one that’s hurtin’?/Trust me, that’s the price of beauty/Who says you’re not pretty?/Who says you’re not beautiful?
This song is pretty much just like “Firework,” but it also has an extra lyric about remembering that you aren’t the only one hurting, which amps it up some in my opinion. It always makes me think.
“S.E.X.” Nickelback Rock Sex positive song S is for the simple need/E is for the ecstasy/X is just to mark the spot,/Because that’s the one you really want.
Gotta love a song named sex. Just fun. And positive and open.
“Love the Way You Lie” Eminem and Rihanna Rap BDSM song Maybe our relationship isn’t as crazy as it seems/Maybe that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano
I can rap this whole song with Eminem. It took me a while to learn it, but it is probably my favorite song of all time and I didn’t mind listening to it over and over again to learn it. I love the passion and energy of it.

When I first made this CD, I had to Google songs to include, and there were very few suggestions. Here’s a few more that are on previous versions.

“Bubbly” Colbie Caillat Pop BDSM song You give me feelings that I adore


Please stay for a while now/Just take your time/Wherever you go


I’ve been asleep for a while now/You tuck me in just like a child now/’Cause every time you hold me in your arms/I’m comfortable enough to feel your warmth/And it starts in my soul/And I lose all control

Kind of strange to think, but this is a very submissive song. It has undertones of giving up control and enjoying it.
“I Kissed a Girl” Katy Perry Pop LGBT song Us girls we are so magical,/Soft skin, red lips, so kissable./Hard to resist, so touchable.
This song is a bit too casual for my tastes, but still fun. And the lyrics above are some of my favorite lyrics about a woman.
“Polyamory Song” David Rovies Folk Polyamory song
Folksy song that can be downloaded online, obviously not something that you would hear on the radio. Definitely cute.