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Hello, to the internet people who happen to find this site!

I’m Heather Gentry. Used to be Evergreene. It’s a digital pleasure.

This is an unused blog that has some good posts on it (or at least some that keep getting hits), so in the interest of being green even on the internet, I thought I’d recycle it. So here’s what I’m thinking:

**I’ll keep up the old posts because ¬†they still deserve the love.

**I’ll supplement posts with general information about polyamory and anything else I’m interested in.

**Since my real name is associated with this site, I’ll also put some information about me as well.

If you have any comments or suggestions, you are welcome to comment or click the contact page for other options.

Peace out!



I have a one-hour commute to work, and I like to listen to music. I get tired of the radio because with the DJs, commercials, and silly games, there’s not much music involved, so I like to make CDs. Because of my alternative lifestyle, mainstream music often doesn’t fit my world very well. Most music is heterosexual and monogamous, and I get tired of listening to the same ideas over and over, so I’ve made me an alternative CD that encompasses bisexual songs, BDSM songs, and polyamory songs as well songs about being different or songs about being yourself. Read the rest of this entry »