Why does the society promote monogamy as the only valid relationship style? I think it’s from habit and from fear. I think that given a choice and adequate information, some people would choose monogamy and some people would choose something else, something more open.

I have chosen polyamory.

A basic definition of polyamory is a relationship style in which open communication and honesty are employed so that everyone can have a relationship with more than one person. It’s a type of open relationship that concentrates on emotional, mental and romantic connections as well as physical connection.

Poly relationship have many different forms, but the point of each of them is to meet everyone’s needs and to grow over time. Some people have several live-in partners, and some people have several romantic, dating arrangements. Most people probably fall somewhere in that spectrum.

There is no right way to do poly. There is only what makes all of your partners and yourself feel comfortable, loved and safe.

I’ve written about practical reasons to be poly as well as how polyamory appeals to me emotionally. I also write for Modern Poly sometimes.

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Heather Gentry - What Polyamory Looks Like

Heather Gentry – What Polyamory Looks Like