I’m Heather Gentry. Sometimes known as Evergreene. Here’s me in a bulleted list (because a nutshell was too small):

**I am poly and bi. I’m married to my primary and open to others. *wink, wink*

**I am a feminine woman, but don’t like the normal roles meant for women, like motherhood and housekeeper.

**I have political interests that mostly deal with the LGBT civil rights, polyamory advocacy, the green movement, and other equality- and anti-oppression-related things. I sign petitions online and volunteer with Modern Poly, an advocacy group. I also have a day job that pays the bills.

**I have a bachelor’s degree in biology and love to write.

**I am probably the least judgmental person you’ll ever “meet.”

**I have a lot of dreams and hopes and desires, and I’m really just a human trying to be happy, just like you.

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